Saving Our Day

"Panic mode" is how journalists describe the mood that reigns over the various groups that handle Malacañang's response to the negative publicity generated by the testimony of Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr. on the National Broadband Network (NBN) deal.

The emerging PR formula is Malacañang's quick reaction by Palace functionaries to damaging angles that come out of the ongoing Senate hearings, and to insulate Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from the issue by having her appear only in the provinces, inaugurating projects that picture her hard at work. Two weeks after Lozada claimed he was kidnapped by law enforcers at the airport, Arroyo has yet to issue a statement directly answering the new allegations of corruptions against her and her husband.

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I Have You
By The Carpenters

I have always been a dreamer
Followed visions of my own
I was born to belong
To the lines of a song
And make then my home

I believe in happy endings
Though I've only known a few
For as rare as they are
Like a bright falling star
I found one in you

Sometimes, all the world can seem so friendless
And the road ahead so endless
And the dream so far away

Sometimes, when I'm almost to surrender
Then I stop and I remember
I have you to save my day

Often my imagination
Has me reaching out too far
When I fell you were there
With your hand in the air
You knew from the start

Sometimes, after all you've done to save me
Thru the love you freely gave me
Every step along the way

Sometimes, people ask what keeps me going
And in truth, it comes from knowing
I have you to save my day

Sometimes, feeling helpless when I held you
Wishing words would come to tell you
I have you to save my day

On Valentine's Day, you sung that song. But who were you singing it for? Anyone who would dare to put himself/herself in your shoes could appreciate the pain you are undergoing recently. The lyrics of the song perfectly express the condition of your spirit. To those who love you, you may just be a victim of the circumstances. But to those who hate you, you may be a deceptive hypocrite.

Who are you referring to when you said "I have you to save my day"? Who are you relying upon to save your day? Is it your "right-hand" in power? Is it your die-hard loyal supporters or your influential oligarchs? Or maybe all of them? I believe you know who should you be relying upon to save your day. He is the only one who can truly take you out of the dark situation you are in right now -- and no one else.

If you are truly innocent of all of these allegations of corruption, then be glad exceedingly! For in this manner most saints were persecuted. But if you really have something that needs to be put right with God, there is nothing you can really do but to rely upon what His Son had done for you and for mankind. Rely upon Him to forgive you (and in fact, all of us) of the wrongs that have been done. His grace is hindered and cannot work to repair the damages caused by the mistakes unless we confront squarely the situation by admitting any wrongdoing that was done. Stage-managing the crisis by means of cover-ups and stone-walling will only worsen the situation.

The Lord is calling the nation back to righteousness, but yet many of us are still turning a deaf ear. We can all feel the heat already -- the urge of the Spirit inside all of us to do the right thing. But why is it so hard to come out of the dark we are hiding and move towards the light? Perhaps we are afraid of the consequences that may befall on us. But you see, this fearful attitude only shows that we don't really trust in the Lord. Why? Because we doubt if there is really something good that will happen to us after we bare out the truth in the open. Like little stubborn kids, we close our minds with the fear that our Father will only scold us if we tell the truth. Oh people of little faith! How long will we close our hearts to God's call?

Life is too short to harbor guilt. We have the opportunity right before our very eyes, but we prefer to blow it! It is very much human nature to commit mistakes, but to not correct it when the Lord has offered you the chance is the very nature of the devil -- Satan never asked God for forgiveness; he insisted he was right.