The wind has blown

By The WindChime

The wind has blown, but it is yet the beginning. In the days ahead, kites will soon be flying because the windy season has started to come.

Let us be thankful we people of this nation, for the Lord is always giving us chance. Chance to correct ourselves and repent from our wicked ways. Symbolically, the "wind" means the recent events of these days that are happening in our nation. These events will usher our nation to yet another crucial moment in our history. This is our piece of trial in this part of the world with respect to the rest of the world.

It is too early for me to say more about what lies ahead because it will spoil the purpose of why the Lord has allowed these things to happen. But to those who have the ability to discern spiritual matters, the signs obviously tell the tale.

The Lord speaks to all the people of the nation but more loudly to those who are lost. God speaks through the "wind". Therefore if anyone feels the rushing of the wind against his/her face, then you know that the Lord is speaking to you. Sometimes the wind is a "gentle breeze" that soothes, while at other times it is a "strong wind" that pains.

But the Lord is a loving father. His responses to our wicked ways and disobedience are calibrated. The more we resist His call for us to turn from our sinfulness, the more He loudly calls us through our predicaments.

You who are beginning to feel the wind gradually getting strong, you have all the chance to, once and for all, do the right thing. God is so obviously calling your attention to the wrongs you have done to the nation. It is never too late to get yourselves right with God. You can spare yourselves from the agony of God's chastening. Because the Lord loves you, He will never stop sending you winds until you will finally surrender back to Him in His love.

To us citizens of the nation, let us not fall into the temptation of taking matters into our own hands -- like what some of our brothers in the military have done before -- for it will only destroy our chance of doing the right thing in the right way.

In the days ahead, congress with its new leaderships will be tested greatly by the Lord. Therefore let us not spoil their chance of experiencing their portion of the wind -- a considerably strong wind.

So, the rest of us, what can we do then as ordinary citizens of this nation? Oh... have we forgotten that the season at hand is Lent? Perfect timing! Prayer together with true sacrificial fasting can break the strongholds of evil in high places. Can you see God's timing? He blows the wind in the right season.

May the Lord bring us all through this yet another windy season of our history.