The "Joke" Somebody Started

By The WindChime

We all dreamed for so very long already of a genuine change in our nation that will bring true sustainable progress and prosperity to all levels of our society. And for this elusive genuine change to really happen, some aspects of our society must be addressed squarely. Among others, the most destructive societal ill is the culture of dishonesty. It is the root of graft, bribery, and corruption that gripped tight our country for so many years now and continues to bind the majority of our people in an inescapable life of poverty and ignorance.

Another ill of our society that must be eliminated is the trait called "Nigas Cogon". Consider these lines from a popular song by the Bee Gees;

I started a joke
Which started the whole world crying
But I didn't see
That the joke was on me

In relation to the events of our nation today, somebody started a "joke", and the nation started "crying", but he refused to see that the greater responsiblity on the credibility of the "joke" would befall on him. He was able to hint people about the "joke" but failed to tell the complete story. Now the whole nation is in a state of confusion, and the people started to hate him because he would not complete the whole story of the "joke".

I started to cry
Which started the whole world laughing
Oh had I only seen
That the joke was on me

Now he begins to feel the hostility of the people. He now started to "cry" a different tune hoping to pacify the nation, but this time the people didn't believe him anymore and they now started "laughing" at him. Oh had he only seen that the credibility of the "joke" rests on him -- and this is what the people are waiting for him to do.

Continue to read the rest of the lyrics of the song, and it is left for you to relate it to our nation's current situation.

You see, most of us are good only at starting something but we are not willing to finish it. We can never change a situation that we do not dare to confront its entirety. We cannot successfully confront a situation in which its underlying ills we chose to overlook. How long will we remain in a state of self-deception? Haven’t we realized that this time is a great opportunity for us to correct some of the ills of our society? We were born for times such as this, so let us not waste our chance.